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With a collection of over 100 databases, with more than 1 million documents and over 10.4 million pages, our legal research tool provides top quality information with an interface which makes research a quicker, easier and more effective process.

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Get results on the topic of your search in milliseconds. No more looking through indexes at libraries or waiting for webpages to load. The newest iteration of is the quickest.

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Conducting quality legal research no longer requires extensive knowledge of the intricate legal system itself. Because of the intuitive interface and comprehensive topic guide.

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More Effective

Our content is updated daily, following comprehensive standards of quality control, thereby ensuring that your research is accurate and up-to-date.


Why EasternLaws?

Powerful Search

Our software logic is optimized to vastly improve the relevance of your search results and our various search and filter options allow you to make the process more efficient.

Content Coverage

The depth and breadth of content helps you to excel at every stage of your research and analysis...

Accessblity Web Edition is hosted on the Internet, and allows for access to our databases from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Application

Log on to WEB APP or download the App to access on your phone. Complimentary with your online subscription.

Powerful Features was developed with everyone in mind, but it is also meant just for you.

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Our online payment gateway also makes it simple and convenient to purchase, renew or upgrade your subscription at any point of time.